UK Ancestry Visas

You can apply to come to the UK in this category if you can show that:

• you are a Commonwealth citizen;
• you are aged 17 or over;
• you are able to work and you plan to work in the UK; and
• you can adequately support and accommodate yourself and your dependants without help from public funds You must also show that at least 1 of your grandparents was born in the United Kingdom:

You can claim ancestry if your relationship to the relevant grandparent is in the legitimate or illegitimate line.
You cannot claim UK ancestry through step-parents, but you can apply if you or your parent (through whom you are claiming ancestry) are adopted. You must show evidence of the legal adoption with your application form.

The above summary constitutes a very brief overview of the relevant details under UK Immigration Law. Please contact Beder-Harrison & Co to obtain comprehensive, clear and concise professional advice relevant to your circumstances.