Sole Representative

• the sole representative of an overseas company, intending to set up a wholly owned subsidiary or register a UK branch for an overseas parent company; or
• an employee of an overseas newspaper, news agency or broadcasting organisation who is being posted on a long-term assignment as a representative of your overseas employer.

To come to the UK as an overseas parent company's sole representative here, you be a senior employee (but not a majority shareholder in the company) who intends to establish a commercial presence for the company in the UK. This may be a registered branch or a wholly owned subsidiary concerned with the same type of business activity as the parent company.

The company must have no branch, subsidiary or other representative in the UK. If the company has a legal entity in the UK, but this does not employ staff or transact business, you may still be able to come here as its sole representative.

You must have full authority to take operational decision's on the company's behalf. To show why you have been appointed, you must be able to demonstrate a very good track record in the same or a closely related field of work.

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